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Atash Pad Sazeh Iranian (APSI) Ltd. was officially registered on the 14th of September 2014 with registration no. 460251. Although this company is fairly new to the market, its management has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Paint, Insulation, and Passive Fire Protection in the Construction and Industrial sectors. Along with experienced technicians and trained personnel in the mentioned fields, using the world's latest machinery and equipment, APSI is more than capable of designing, providing, and applying Industrial and Construction Fireproofing coatings.

The main goal of the company is by using world class materials along with rapid and correct application rate of high quality material using up to date machinery in Iran and the world by means of capable and trained personnel. Thus our company's philosophy and slogan is as such; Quality-oriented, Rapid application, and Durability.

APSI, especially in the field of Passive Fire Protection, has been actively performing on steel structures, equipment, offshore oil & gas platforms, metro stations, and tunnels using materials from accredited companies including Promat-Cafco International (UK) and Albi (USA) backed by years of research and experience and are recognized as the top companies in the field of Passive Fire Protection. As and EPC contractor, APSI is therefore prepared to design and engineer plans, provide materials (procurement), and apply (construction) the above mentioned systems.

All materials used by this company have and comply with International standards such as the American UL, UK's BS, Germany's DIN, Netherlands' RWS, UNI of Italy…etc. as well as International approvals for Rapid Rise Hydrocarbon Fire tests, Blast-Over Pressure, and also Jet Fire tests. Furthermore, all these materials are free of asbestos and are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

APSI's list of materials for Passive Fire Protection are operational on steel structures within Construction and Industrial sectors and Petrochemical plants, as well as within Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical Plant Equipment, and Tunnel and Track industries. Therefore, APSI is more than ready and prepared to perform the application of Passive Fire Protection coating systems, sandblasting, painting, and the insulation of Construction and Industrial projects in hopes of delivering outstanding results for its respected clients.